Learning A Language In a Month- What to do in the First Week

I’m starting a new series: Learning a Language in a Month

The series will be focused on exactly what to learn every single day and I will be posting every Monday for 4 weeks!

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Speak the words and sentences you learn outloud
  2. Write every single thing you learn in a notebook dedicated to your language and end your days by reviewing what you learned that day and what you’re having trouble with from previous days

Week One – Your First Conversations

You heard that right, by the end of the first week you should know several converstations. I never said that learning a language in a month would be easy, but it is possible!

How to learn any language in a month!

Day One

You have several things to do, first, find a good translator for your language and a place to find vocabulary and grammar help.

Learn to say:

“Hello, my name is….”

“What is your name?”

As well as the words for: I, Me, You, Your, He, His, She, Hers, They, Theirs

Day Two

Learn the words for: am, are, and is. Most languages will have several different words depending on singular, plural and tense so this will be the only focus for the day.

Day Three

Learn the following conversation:

“Hello, I am…. and you?”

“I am …..”

“It’s nice to meet you”


Copy of how to learn any language in a month.pngDay Four

Learn the question words: Who, what, where, when, why and how

As well as; this, it, those and that.

Day Five

“Hello, could you please tell me how much this costs?”

“It costs (money word for the language.”

“Thank you!”

“Hello, how much does this cost?”


Where is the hotel?

Where is the hospital?

Where is the store?

Where is the airport?

The (location) is (right, left, straight).


What is that?

Who are you?

When is it?

Meaning you should learn the direction words for right, left and straight as well as the location words listed above, or other words which will be more applicable to your personal language needs.

Day Six

“I know english (insert other languages you know) and a bit of (language you’re learning).”

“I speak (language).”

“What languages do you speak?”

“I am learning (insert language), would you practice with me?”

“I speak a bit of (language).”

Day Seven

First off, pat yourself on the back! Look at how much you can say now!

Day seven is for you to review what you learned from day 1 to 6 and for practicing those things as well as looking up questions you have about the vocabulary or grammar.

Are you trying to learn a language in a month? Tell me how it’s going in the comments!




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Copy of how to learn any language in a month.png  How to learn any language in a month!


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